License key registration

As long as the license key is not yet registrated, PeriData will show the 2 buttons


If you press the button "REGISTRATION", the dialog "License Key Registration" opens. After the demo period has expired, this dialog appears immediately. It will also appear if the stored license key was damaged.
In the Demo Mode the program is usable without restrictions!

Administrator Privileges

The registration requires special user privileges. If you do not get into the registration dialog, you have to restart PeriData from the desktop with a RIGHT MOUSE CLICK. The context menu opens. Select "Run as administrator"

Run as Admin

It may be that the computer asks for the administrator name or password (of the computer). This was definied by your computer service and has no relation to PeriData.

Dialog "License Key Registration"

When you are in the registration dialog, and you see a LOCK number with 20 numerals, then call our hotline by phone. We will give you the matching KEY number. Type the numbers into the fields. ENTER moves to the next field. At the end, click OK. You will get a message whether the registration was successful.

Registration dialog

If the registration was NOT SUCCESSFUL (typing error), you restart the program as administrator. This will open the dialog again for a second try.

Updates: After a program update, you do not need any new license key. The license key is permanently stored on the computer and keeps valid.

You need to buy a license? You will find all informations on our website