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The new version contains improvements and bugfixes (all changes)

Update, demo, new installation: PeriData is very easy, there is only 1 version


After the download you open (start) the file "PeriData-Setup....exe". The installation will begin   complete installation guide

Demo mode and license key

After the first installation on a PC, there is the option "Demo mode". In this mode, the program can be used without any restrictions. After 40 days, this option expires, the registration of a license key is mandatory. You will get the license key by telephone from our hotline   more details >>

Update Installation

Update installation is easy, like the first installation. Uninstall is not required. The license key is preserved, it must not be renewed.

Informations for Administrators

Are you administrator of a medical unit? Do you want to know all details about installation and use of PeriData?   PeriData Specifications >>

You need special information concerning the integration with EMR software:   Link Mode >>

64 bit Windows

Development cannot be stopped. As for many other apps, we also recommend a 64 bit operating system. The installation on Windows-32-bit (XP, Win7-32) usually works. On Win10-32, the setup program does not finish since the last Windows update in June 2022.

The good news is that PeriData runs perfectly with Windows 10-64 und Windows 11.

Problems and Questions

If you should notice any faults, please document the problem and contact us. If the fault is serious, re-install the previous PeriData version.
Link to older version: